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 Cleaning carpets is what Advantage Carpet Care does best! We use the latest technology in the floor care industry, and combines that with extensive IICRC training and practical knowledge gained through years of hands on experience. We have continue to research the best techniques, equipment, detergents, and cleaning solutions.


We spend much more time on pretreatment than many cleaners do. It is vitally important that the pre-spray gets to the base of the carpet fibers to ensure a thorough cleaning. After we have applied a high quality pre-spray cleaning solution on the area to be cleaned, we are ready for the agitation process. 


To brush the pre-spray into the fibers, we use a soft counter rotating brush that will not harm your carpet or void your factory warranty in any way. This process thoroughly yet gently scrubs the carpet fibers from bottom up which makes the steam cleaning more effective. It also lifts the carpet pile and leaves it looking great when we are finished!


Once the pretreatment and agitation process is complete, we are ready to finish cleaning the carpet. We use the hot water extraction method commonly known as steam cleaning. Our machine’s high heat and strong suction guarantees your satisfaction.


We will go the extra mile to treat your carpet as if it were our own! Whether you are looking for someone to clean your residential carpet, restaurant, or other commercial facility, it will be our greatest pleasure to serve you.

Carpet Steam Cleaning


Do you have a microfiber sofa that just looks grungy? Or a chair that’s seen better days? We can help! At Advantage Carpet Care, we have cleaned perhaps hundreds of chairs, recliners, sofas, and loveseats, and often the results are spectacular. We have even had some customers who were ready to throw away their furniture, but changed their mind when they saw how it cleaned up.


As with the carpet cleaning process, we ensure the use of balanced detergents that will not leave any harmful residue. Contact us below, and we’ll be happy to help you restore your upholstery to its former beauty!

upholstery-cleaning advantage carpet care fredonia ks.jpg
Upholstery Cleaning
Tile and Grout Cleaning
tile cleaning advantage carpet care neodesha ks


Although some have thought of a tile floor as a low maintenance floor, many people have found it to be otherwise. Each time you mop the tile surface, essentially what you are doing is dragging the dirt, oil, and other contaminants off the tile surface and depositing them in the porous grout valleys. Have you ever noticed your once light colored grout is now black and dingy? You can get down on your hands and knees and scrub it, but who has the time and energy these days?


Many people just live with it, not knowing what the solution is. We suggest you hand it over to us. We will do the back breaking work for you. Well, actually our steam cleaner will. After we have applied a high quality pre-spray treatment, we will thoroughly agitate the tile with a mechanical brush. Then we use our high-pressure, high heat rotary tile tool to simultaneously steam and suck out the contaminants, making your tile and grout shine again!

VC tile (vinyl composite tile) is common to many commercial and some residential facilities. The floor finishes that have been applied tend to become scuffed and dull looking over time. We can remove the grimy top finish, or all layers of finish if needed, and reapply as many coats of high quality durable floor finish needed to  give your floor its original beauty and shine.

Tile & Grout Cleaning #1
Tile & Grout Cleaning #2


A flood can cause extensive damage to your home in short order! When unfortunate situations like a leaking water pipe or a natural disaster occur, the key to minimizing the damage is water removal and drying of the facility as soon as possible. At Advantage Carpet Care, we will prioritize getting your space clean and dry once again!

water-damage-restoration-in-mission-viejo advantage carpet care neodesha ks.jpg
Water Damage Cleanup


Here is a general pricing guide to give you an idea of what your project might cost. Please know that we need to talk to you on the phone or in person to give you an exact price quote.


  • CARPET CLEANING: around 35¢ per sq ft.

  • TILE CLEANING: around 70¢ per sq ft.




    • AVERAGE SOFA: $80

carpet cleaning advantage carpet care neodesha ks
dryer vent before advantage carpet care and restoration neodesha ks.jpeg


This piping, often overlooked, can exceed 40 feet in length. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, failure to properly clean this ducting causes over 15,000 fires annually. Many people don’t realize how serious this problem can be, and have never had their dryer vents cleaned.

Does your dryer take more than 40 minutes per load? This, along with the dryer feeling hot to the touch, or collecting large amounts of lint during operation, are indicators that it’s probably time for a good cleaning. The longer your vent is, and the more bends and buildup there are, the more difficult the job. We use a power brush to release clogs, along with a strong vacuum to remove debris.

Lint is moist, and it’s inevitable that it will begin to build up in a long dryer vent. And trying to clear it by blowing through the vent will only make the problem worse, as the lint will snowball, and end up plugging worse than before. Lint isn’t the only concern, as birds are a common infiltrator. Entering from the outside, they love building nests in the closed, warm space. Sometimes they’ll peck the vent cover until they can get it open, and they can get in even if it’s in good shape.

An average dryer vent cleaning costs around $125. This service saves the customer money both short and long term. Industry studies say clogged vents can add $18 to $25 to your monthly energy bill. Also, since clogged vents render dryers ineffective, it’s not uncommon for a homeowner to get rid of a dryer because they think it’s shot.

Dryer Vent Cleaning
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